Job Market Paper

The Impact of Child Labor on Student Enrollment, Effort and Achievement: Evidence from Mexico

Gabrielle Vasey


Work in Progress

The Marginal Returns of Distance Education: Evidence from Mexico’s Telesecondaries

Emilio Borghesan, Gabrielle Vasey


Peer Effects in the Classroom: A Model of Effort Choice and School Choice under the Progresa Program in Mexico

Alejandro Sanchez Becerra, Petra Todd, Gabrielle Vasey

Designing More Cost-Effective Trading Markets for Renewable Energy

Mike Abito, Felipe Flores-Golfin, Arthur van Benthem, Gabrielle Vasey


  • Main Instructor at UPenn

  • (Undergraduate Courses)
  • Introductory Economics (2017, 2018)
  • Teaching Assistant at UPenn

  • (Undergraduate Courses)
  • Advanced Econometric Techniques and Applications (2020)
  • Integrative Studies: Poverty: History and Economics (2019)
  • Statistics for Economists (2018, 2019)
  • Industrial Organization (2017)
  • Introductory Economics (2017)